Aesthetic Services In Needham Massachusetts

Kathryn Russo Medical Aesthetics is located in Newton Centre, just outside of Boston, making us a convenient place to go for Needham residents. At our practice we want to help men and women find the right procedures and plans to meet their aesthetic and health goals. We provide many different procedures that are designed to help men and women with both aesthetic and health-related goals. This includes Botox and filler injections that can decrease wrinkles and create smoother skin, laser services, PRP injections, and more! We offer many different procedures so that we can help match our patients to the plan that is exactly right for them. So whether you have an idea of what you want or have questions, our team can help!

Location Map: 17 Herrick Road Newton, MA 02459

Face & Lip Injections in Needham

We provide both Botox and a variety of fillers for our clients. One confusion some patients have is why so many fillers are all used to treat the same areas of the face, hands, and neck. The reason is different fillers have slightly different effects and may be recommended based on what an individual patient speficially needs. In some cases, we may even recommend a different procedure altogether like a skincare treatment. Depending on what area of your body you are looking to smooth or if you are looking to handle something specific like acne scarring, we might recommend a different procedure.

Cosmetic Botox Injections in Needham

Botox is one of the most popular injectables. Unlike fillers, Botox uses botulinum toxin. This toxin has the effect of temporarily paralyzing muscles. It has been used to treat chronic migraines as well as for aesthetic goals. Botox cosmetic injections can be used to decrease the visibility of wrinkles and lines around your face. Injections are often used around the forehead to handle worry lines, smile lines, or the elevens (the two small parallel lines between the eyebrows). By temporarily decreasing muscle function in these areas, wrinkles and lines become less visible.

PRP Injections in Needham

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. These injections use our bodies’ own naturally produced platelets to increase the production of collagen, the flow of oxygen, and the healing process around the body. Platelets are naturally found in our blood and are responsible for instigating the creating of new skin cells and tissue. When we get injured, platelets will begin the process of replacing damaged cells with new cells. By isolating our platelets and injecting them in specific areas of the body you can increase the body’s natural healing process. PRP has been used to help with de-aging, hair loss, and even to promote sexual health. We offer the O-Shot at our practice that is designed to help women address sexual health issues.

Setup A Consultation in Needham

If you are interested in setting up a consultation for botox, fillers, PRP treatments, or another one of our aesthetic treatments at our office in Newton, please send us a message. Our team is dedicated to helping you get exactly what you need and ensuring that you are happy with your experience!


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